How to get furniture indentation marks out of Carpet

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Like many other people, you are also probably horrified to see those ugly indentations on your carpet when you decide to change your furniture around. After discovering these unappealing little marks, you start thinking that your carpet is ruined and you might have to replace it, not only in the room you are working in,

Tips and Advice for Vacuuming Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors look trendy and offer elegance to any space, but they need something extra to preserve the beauty – proper maintenance and management. Regular vacuuming is one of the easiest ways of keeping wooden floors clean and well-maintained. Using a vacuum, however, comes with special precautions.

For instance, you are advised only to employ

Vacuum Cleaner Use & Care

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Your vacuum cleaner is probably the most important cleaning item that you have in your entire home. When you consider it, your vacuum looks after thousands of pounds worth of carpeting, upholstery, curtains and other soft furnishings. Follow these simple steps to increase your vacuums life and your enjoyment using it.

Always Keep Your Vacuum Well

Should I be using a Cordless Vacuum?

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The first step in deciding which vacuum cleaner is best for you is to decide exactly what you want it to do and which features are important to you.

Do you live in a large home or a smaller home?

Do you have pets? If so, how many and do they shed hair?

Do you have stairs in

Bagged vs Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

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Are bagless vacuum cleaners really better than bagged vacuum cleaners?

Bagless vacuum cleaners have been around for many years now but are they an improvement on vacuums with bags?  Since shortly after vacuum cleaners were first invented the designers decided that a self-contained bag was the best solution for removing the dirt from the vacuum cleaner

How Often Should I Vacuum?

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Many homeowners have trouble deciding how often to vacuum or how much vacuuming is needed in a week, month, or year. The question on how often to vacuum may seem like an easy one to answer but is complex and a constant struggle to many. The decision on when to clean and for how long

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