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Hi, I‘m Tom, I am married with two children. I enjoy spending time with my family and carp fishing whenever I can and I am your dedicated service technician covering the East Sussex area.
Whether your vacuum needs a simple repair or a full in-home service I am here to look after both you and your vacuum.

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Vacuum Servicing & Repair

Full In-Home Vacuum Servicing from
£34.99 (Was £69.99)

Have your vacuum cleaner stripped right down to the motor, in your own home, by one of our mobile service technicians.

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Vacuum Servicing

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    • We will arrange a service appointment time with you either at your home or your place of work and at a time that is convenient to you.
    • Your Service Technician will be fully trained and insured, arrive in a sign written vehicle and wear a full uniform complete with I.D.
    • Your Service Technician will use the latest technology by employing a mobile electronic tablet fully loaded with the exact service schedule for your specific model of appliance and have instant access to exploded diagrams and technical information.
    • Your Appliance will be completely disassembled right down to it’s component parts, clearing all blockages as they are found.
    • Each part will be carefully examined for defects.
    • If your Appliance requires any replacement parts then your Service Technician will thoroughly explained to you exactly which parts are needed and why. It will be totally your decision whether to purchase them or not.
    • If you choose to have the parts replaced your Service Technician will fit any necessary new parts, thoroughly clean all parts and reassemble and polish your appliance ready for another years faithful service.
    • All replaced parts will be disposed of and your home will be left clean and tidy.
    • Payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit card.
    • Your Service Report/Invoice will be emailed to you so you have a permanent record of appliance’s service history.

    If our service technician finds a fault that requires a repair without new parts such as a loose connection or an adjustment then the cost is included as part of the service.

    If the appliance requires any parts to be replaced then the technician will fully explain why the new part is required and the cost of it. It is then entirely your choice whether to have it replaced or not. We will not spend your money without your permission.

    Yes, you will be given an actual time for your service appointment such as 8:00 am or 3:30 pm.

    Our service technician’s arrive within 30 minutes or your appointment time; 92% of the time .

    Your vacuum cleaner does a very important job in your home.  Not only is it the main appliance responsible for keeping your home clean and hygienic but it also helps to protect thousands of pounds worth of carpeting and soft furnishing in the average home.

    We know that having an efficient vacuum cleaner is a high priority because for most consumers if their vacuum cleaner suddenly broke beyond repair then they would replace it on their next day off. If your washing machine breaks down then you can use a launderette but if your vacuum cleaner stops working you can’t take your carpets out to be cleaned!

    All vacuum cleaners suffer from blockages which vastly adverse their performance and causes the motor to overheat and wear out prematurely. A regular routine service both increases the vacuum’s efficiency and it’s useful life.

    Yes, all parts that we supply and fit are covered with a full 12 month ‘return-to-base’ warranty against manufacturers defects.  (This excludes consumables such as filters, bags, belts etc.)

    Absolutely not. A customer has the right to have an appliance serviced by any company they choose to providing that the correct parts are fitted and that a full written record is kept of the work carried out.

    Many manufacturers try to convince their customers that their warranty will be adversely affected if the customer chooses an alternative supplier. But in fact there are strict EU anti-competition rules which specifically prevent manufacturers from doing this. There rules were first put in place to protect the after sales market connected with the car industry.

    Certain manufacturers would have us believe that their vacuum cleaners are fitted with a ‘lifetime’ filter. But this is not true, unless they think that their product is to only last a few years. The purpose of a filter is to FILTER which, by definition, means that it must retain the particles that it was designed to filter. Whether it be an oil filter, an air filter or any other mechanical filter sooner or later it will become full with the particles it was designed to retain and need to be replaced.

    Most vacuum cleaner ‘lifetime’ filters are little more than a crude sponge with a screen mesh. It is true that they can be washed through a few times but eventually they become so impregnated with dirt that washing will not thoroughly remove the retained particles.

    In fact ‘vacuum’ cleaners are misnamed. Vacuum cleaners should actually be called ‘air flow’ cleaners. Nothing moves in a vacuum and vacuum cleaners rely on strong air flow to both pick up dirt and keep their motor cool. The cleaner the filters the greater the airflow which directly leads to increased dirt pick up and increased motor live.

    Our Customer Reviews

    “My mum has been telling me for ages that my Dyson doesn’t pick up as well as hers. So I decided to give PHC a go with their Dyson service and I can’t believe the difference!”

    Laura M, Canterbury - Dyson Service
    “I have just had my Dyson DC24 serviced by PHC and can’t believe the difference.
    My hoover looks like new, smells great
    and performs so well.”
    Zoe Parsons, Sidcup - Very Pleased