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How do carpets wear?

2023-11-20T15:04:13+00:00Environment, News, Vacuum Blog, Vacuum Repairs, Vacuum Servicing|

How do carpets wear?

Many people think that carpets wear down when in fact, they actually wear out, they go bald!

Carpets are constructed from thousands of intertwined fibres fixed to a backing. When we are outside, we walk on pavements and roadways constructed of sand and cement. When we return home, we then walk these particles

Saving both the planet and your pocket with vacuum service & repair

2023-09-25T12:42:21+01:00Environment, News, Vacuum Blog, Vacuum Repairs, Vacuum Servicing|


In this consumer-driven world, it’s become all too common to discard and replace items when they break down, including household appliances like vacuum cleaners. However, there’s a more sustainable and budget-friendly alternative: repairing your vacuum cleaner. Choosing repair over replacement is not only a smart financial decision but, also an environmentally responsible

Independent Home Services Business Of The Year

2023-08-23T12:24:26+01:00Awards, News, Vacuum Blog, Vacuum Repairs, Vacuum Servicing|


PHC Service, the largest independent vacuum repair and service business in the UK, is delighted to have won SME News “SOUTHERN ENTERPRISE AWARD for INDEPENDENT HOME SERVICES BUSINESS OF THE YEAR 2023”.


Right to Repair – all the reasons we should be joining the initiative

2023-07-31T11:46:16+01:00Vacuum Blog, Vacuum Repairs, Vacuum Servicing|

In July 2021 the UK government passed a new piece of legislation called the UK’s ‘Right to Repair’. It has the aim of extending the life of a range of electronics and appliances by up to ten years. The law also legally requires manufacturers to make spare parts available to citizens and third-party repair companies.


How often should I service my vacuum cleaner?

2023-06-28T10:23:44+01:00Vacuum Blog, Vacuum Servicing|

How often should I service my vacuum cleaner?

Most people don’t fix things until they have to. As in, only when they break or start billowing smoke or making a terrifying noise. Now, that’s really not a good idea.

A survey in the USA, carried out a couple of years ago revealed….

“If you have a bag-less vacuum

“Is it a thing?” – our best vacuum cleaner question of all time

2023-06-05T09:55:00+01:00Vacuum Blog, Vacuum Servicing|

This is without doubt the most commonly asked question of all time here at PHC Vacuum. “Is it a thing?” Yes folks, it definitely is.

Hardly anyone in the UK knows that you can get your vacuum cleaner serviced or repaired if something goes wrong, they think you have no option but to throw it

The bond between vacuum cleaner & human

2023-05-10T09:50:32+01:00Vacuum Advice, Vacuum Blog, Vacuuming Tips|

Who’d have thought that a vacuum cleaner could be loved by its owner? In fact, not just loved but protected, preserved and admired so much so that the prospect of replacing it with a new one was just not possible.

We think machines in the home are innate objects. Bits of technology or functionality that are

Introducing your Dog to Vacuum Cleaners

2022-08-15T14:11:41+01:00Vacuum Advice, Vacuum Blog, Vacuuming Tips|

Introducing your Dog to Vacuum Cleaners

Like most people, you probably vacuum your home a few times a week to keep it as dust-free as possible. However, you have recently added a new member to your household, in the form of a cute little puppy, who seems to be petrified of your cleaner. What can you

Why working with a family-owned business is good for everyone

2022-07-04T10:51:09+01:00Franchise, Vacuum Blog|

There are many reasons why PHC Service is the right franchise for you. Of course, you can be your own boss, working with a proven business model in a market with a great need for its services. However, what really stands out for PHC Service is its family-focused values.

When asked, more than 60% of consumers

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