How long should you expect a vacuum cleaner to last?

Generally, most vacuum cleaners will last between 5 & 8 years if they are looked after properly. They are a big household investment, often up to £1000 these days, so it is important to of course know how long your machine is expected to last you, but also, how to try and make the most of looking after your machine in order to get great value for money.

Unlike many household items, a vacuum cleaner leads a very hard life indeed. Ovens, fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers; none of these items have to move an inch during their working life. A vacuum cleaner is dragged from room to room almost daily and still has to be built to last. A fridge or freezer might serve you well for 10-12 years, an oven may stretch to 6 years, the washing machine may be okay after 9 years and it’s roughly the same for the dishwasher. Gas ranges last the longest, with an average of 15 years value from your hob. Plus, it also depends on the brand that you buy and how nicely you treat it. But in the end, the vacuum cleaner gets the short straw, no two ways about it.

If you notice a significant decline in your vacuum cleaner’s performance, such as reduced suction power, some strange noises coming from it or if that your vacuum cleaner is no longer very efficient when it’s cleaning, then it might be time to consider a replacement machine.

Vacuum cleaners these days are much lighter and easier to manoeuvre than the machines your parents owned. They can now bend around corners and fit under furniture much more easily, and some of the more expensive brands are also battery-operated so you won’t have to put up with tripping over the lead either.

Some of the newer brands also do a much better job of filtering the air and removing allergens, pollen and pet fluff.  All this means that your hose will be cleaner, fresher and you’ll have less dust on all your home surfaces.

On average, according to a number of consumer reports, vacuum cleaners last an average of eight years but the lifespan varies wildly by not only the brand that you buy but also your amount of personal usage. Clearly, if you have a small one-bedroom flat all to yourself, then you won’t use your vacuum cleaner nearly as much as if you are a family of five with two pets in a four-bedroom house.

So, if your vacuum is past eight years old and has seen a lot of use or is doing strange things, it’s probably time to make that upgrade.

What might be the signs that it’s time?

If you find that your vacuum cleaner isn’t picking up dirt like it should and the suction isn’t like it was when it was new then it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that it’s time for a new one. However, if your vacuum is only a few years old and you haven’t used it that much, you may just need to give it a quick check up. And that’s where PHC Vacuum Service come in handy.

There’s a very reasonable chance that you simply have a blockage or it just needs a straightforward replacement part. We can give it an annual service and see if that’s true and with a couple of new parts you could be off with what feels like a new machine.

Back in 2021 the UK government introduced the Right to Replace legislation designed to encourage (& enforce) people and manufacturers to not just throw away old appliances and buy new ones. Instead, could they consider repairing them first and foremost which is better for our pockets and our planet. This rule applies to vacuum cleaners just as it would your washing machine, dishwasher, oven or fridge freezer.

By having a household appliance regularly serviced it is far more likely to last longer and in good working order. Annual services with multi award-winning, family owned, PHC Vacuum Service start at just £34.99 and we service Dyson, Miele, Sebo, Oreck, Sebo, GTech and Kirby machines.

To find out more, give us a call here at PHC Service, on 0333 533 7220 for a friendly chat.