Why are Vacuum Cleaners so loud?

There is no doubt that vacuum cleaners are a fantastic invention. Before these important pieces of household cleaning equipment came along, everyone spent hours sweeping and mopping the floors in their homes. However, although they take most of the time and effort out of cleaning floors and carpets, most people find them extremely noisy!

Why do vacuum cleaners make so much noise?

There are several reasons why vacuum cleaners make a loud noise. Some of these noises are quite normal, but there are times when vacuum cleaners make abnormally loud sounds, which is usually an indication that there is something wrong.

For instance, it is quite normal for your vacuum cleaner to make a noise because:

Change in air pressure resulting from the fan and suction – the fan of a vacuum cleaner turns at extremely high speeds as it collects dust and debris. As the air comes out, it is returned to the cleaner via the vacuum suction, which creates that noise. Unfortunately, the higher the suction power of a cleaner, the louder the noise will be.

The vibrating of the cleaner’s body – noise happens as air moves around inside the machine and hits various parts of the cleaner. This creates vibrations, which are the sounds you can hear. Many cleaners are made with plastic bodies, which make loud noises when they vibrate.

The motor – the motor could be the main cause of a vacuum cleaner being loud. As the motor spins around inside the machine, it moves the belt and uses electricity, but at the same time, also produces a loud noise. AC motors tend to be the loudest, so choose a cleaner with a DC motor if you would like a cleaner that is less noisy.

However, if you notice that your vacuum cleaner is making a louder noise than usual, then it could be one or more of the following: common reasons:

Blockage – when a vacuum cleaner becomes unusually loud, it is normally because of a blockage of some sort. This is a problem that is easily solved by turning off the cleaner, check for blockages in the pipes, and remove them. You can also check and empty the canister to remove any possible blockages there as well.

Dirty filters – a clogged or dirty filter can also be the cause of your cleaner being noisier than usual. Check and change the filter to see if this is the problem. Replacement filters are inexpensive. If you have never changed the filter in your cleaner, then this could very well be the reason why it is so loud.

Broken fan – the fan of your cleaner could break if dirt and dust have collected on its blades. This would make the cleaner a lot louder, and if this is the reason, then you will need to replace the fan.

Damaged or broken brush bearing – if the brush bearing is broken your vacuum cleaner will vibrate more, resulting in it becoming noisier. This problem isn’t as simple to fix as unblocking a filter, because it involves removing and replacing the old brush. If you are unsure how to do this, then have an expert from PHC Vacuum Service do this job for you.

Maintenance tips to prevent your vacuum from becoming noisier

Unfortunately, there is nothing much you can do to stop your vacuum cleaner from making a noise because that’s what cleaners do to work properly. However, there are several things that you can do, to make sure that your cleaner doesn’t make more noise than it should!

Clean the brush roll – make sure that the brush roll is always free of dirt, dust, and debris, which will stop it from working properly, and make it a lot louder. You can either do this yourself, by hand or call PHC Vacuum Service to clean the brush for you.

Check the belt and filter – after cleaning the brush, then have a look at the belt that keeps it together, and make sure that it is snug against the roll. If not, then remove and replace it. Remember too, to check your filter regularly and clean or replace it when necessary, to make sure that your machine is always performing the best it can.

Check the bag – it is important to check and change your cleaner’s bag regularly if you want it to work efficiently. Don’t wait until the bag is completely full before changing it, because this will make your cleaner louder and less effective. Instead, always change the bag when it is 2/3 full and make sure too, that you attach it properly when you replace it.

In conclusion

Vacuum cleaners are without a doubt, of the best inventions, saving plenty of time and effort when it comes to cleaning carpets and floors. Even though the design of these cleaners has changed tremendously over the years, the one feature that has remained pretty much the same is the sound that these machines make.

Although cleaners have become somewhat quieter than when they were first invented, they must make a sound to do the job properly! However, as mentioned above, there are simple things you can do to keep your vacuum cleaner working at its peak, and several things you can do too, to prevent it from making more noise than it should!

The advice in this article is undertaken at the reader’s risk.

Please note for safety! You should always unplug your vacuum when undertaking any kind of maintenance work due to the risk of injury, in addition, all repair work should be carried out by a qualified professional vacuum service technician.