The bond between vacuum cleaner & human

Do any of us realise just how valuable our much-loved vacuum cleaner is?

I’m not sure we really do. Think about how much you have invested in your home in carpets, soft furnishings, such as your three-piece suite, curtains, mattresses etc?

Now think about how many household cleaning items you have in your home. Bleach, washing up liquid, soap, washing powder, fabric softener, bathroom cleaner… the list is almost endless. Yet the most important item in keeping your home hygienic and clean is your vacuum cleaner. That one appliance looks after thousands of pounds of your investments and is the main appliance responsible for home hygiene.

It’s therefore essential that we need to look after it properly. When we consider the vital role, it plays in maintaining the cleanliness & upkeep of our valuable homes.

When other household appliances fail on us then there are alternatives. If the washing machine breaks? Go to the launderette. If the oven stops working, call Deliveroo. When it’s your vacuum cleaner, there is no fallback.

When you say to most people ‘If your vacuum cleaner broke today, when would you replace it? They say either ’I will buy one online today or my next day off’. If you asked them, ‘Would they wait until the January sales, they look at you as if you are mad’. That’s because everyone knows the vacuum is an essential appliance in your home and we can’t live without it.

So, before your vacuum cleaner breaks, think about having it regularly serviced and maintained. You can do it as a one off or sign up for an annual service membership plan, for total peace of mind.

And whilst we are on the subject, what do you think are the most often replaced appliances?

  1. Vacuum Cleaners: A good vacuum cleaner is essential for keeping your home clean and free of dust and allergens.
  2. Washing machines: A good washing machine can save you a lot of time and effort. Look for a model that is energy-efficient and has various wash settings to accommodate all different types of fabrics, weights and washing instructions.
  3. Dishwashers: Dishwashers save you time and ensure your dishes are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. They are especially valuable if you have a busy lifestyle and limited time for added household chores.
  4. Water heaters: A reliable water heater ensures you have access to hot water for showers, cleaning, and other household tasks and you don’t want them to break either!
  5. Heating systems: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are vital for maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature, especially in extreme weather conditions. Energy-efficient HVAC systems can also save you money on your utility bills.
  6. Ovens, Agas & Range Cookers: Whether you have a traditional oven and stove or a modern range, having a reliable cooking appliance is crucial for preparing meals at home and can be a big investment.
  7. Refrigerators: A high-quality refrigerator is essential for keeping your food fresh and safe to eat. Modern refrigerators come with aeons of space, great storage options, integral water and ice dispensers, managed temperature control and are energy efficient.

It’s important to choose appliances that match your specific needs and preferences and fit with your budget and lifestyle. Additionally, energy efficiency and durability are essential factors to consider, as they can save you money in the long run.

Money that is well spent when you consider the costly and often inconvenient three main alternatives of a broken vacuum cleaner.

  1. Renting a vacuum cleaner – costly, inefficient and only a short-term fix
  2. Hiring professional cleaners – super expensive
  3. Buying a brand-new machine – ouch!

Remember, routine user maintenance and cleaning of your vacuum cleaner will prolong its lifespan and improve its efficiency. But as well as routine cleaning such as replacing filters, emptying the dustbin, or replacing bags. Regular professional servicing is a must.

If you have a vacuum cleaner that is of good quality and comes from one of the leading brands like Dyson, Miele, Kirby, Oreck, Sebo or Gtech you’d be well-advised to have a service plan in place as it will pay back ten-fold. PHC Vacuum service offer both servicing and repair for these leading brands and come to your home at a day and time to suit you to carry out the work. Prices start at just £34.99 for a service and they also offer comprehensive annual membership plans for your vacuum cleaners too.

Think about it. If your oven breaks then you call a take-away food service like Deliveroo or Domino Pizza. If your washing machine breaks then you pop down the launderette and watch your undies spinning for an hour. However, if your vacuum cleaner breaks then it’s not that simple.

Taking care of it and having it regularly serviced (& repaired if needed) will alleviate that stress and save you money in the long run. It’s also much better for our planet.