Like many other people, you are also probably horrified to see those ugly indentations on your carpet when you decide to change your furniture around. After discovering these unappealing little marks, you start thinking that your carpet is ruined and you might have to replace it, not only in the room you are working in, but the rest of your house as well!

The good news is, that while these indentations are ugly, they are definitely not permanent, and there are several ways that you can remove them and have your carpet looking as good as the day you first had it installed!

Some of the many ways to remove carpet indentations include:

Ice – put ice cubes into the dents – one for small indentations and a few more for those that are larger. As the ice melts, the carpet fibres will soak up the water slowly. Leave the ice in place overnight and using the edge of a plastic card or a wide-toothed comb, brush the areas gently to lift the fibres into their original positions. If your carpet has long fibres, then use your fingertips to work the fibres back to the way they were originally.

A damp towel – this method works wonders for those deeper dents. Simply lay a damp towel over the area and then iron over the towel with an iron set on medium heat. The heat will cause the fibres to start lifting. Leave the towel to dry where it is, and then vacuum over the area to suck the fibres back to their full height.

Hairdryer – this is also extremely effective at getting rid of those indentations! Spray a little water over the dents, then use a hairdryer to heat these areas. Brush up the fibres occasionally with your fingertips until the area is completely dry and the fibres are standing up again.

What to do for those stubborn dents!
Certain types of carpeting, like Berber, is known for being difficult when it comes to removing furniture dents. The reason for this is because these carpets have tightly woven fibres, instead of those which stand upright, as is the case with pile or plush carpets.

If you have carpets of this type, then you might have to use a few ways to get rid of the dents, including:

• Spraying the dents gently with a mist of water, then using the edge of a plastic card or your fingertips to rub over the area to get it looking normal again
• Using a carpet steamer or running a hot iron over a damp white cloth over the area, then as before, using your fingers or the edge of a plastic card to lift the fibres
• Spraying a gentle mist of water over the dents, running your fingertips through the fibres, and then using a hairdryer on medium heat to dry the area for a few minutes. You should pause after about a minute to comb the area with your fingertips or a plastic card. Remember to only apply sufficient heat to get the fibres to expand, to avoid scorching the carpet.

As you can see, with all of the above simple, yet effective methods available to get rid of indentations left in your carpet from furniture, there is definitely no reason why you would have to go to all the time, expense and discomfort, of having to replace any of the carpets in your home!

The advice in this article is undertaken at the readers risk.