This is without doubt the most commonly asked question of all time here at PHC Vacuum. “Is it a thing?” Yes folks, it definitely is.

Hardly anyone in the UK knows that you can get your vacuum cleaner serviced or repaired if something goes wrong, they think you have no option but to throw it away and buy an entirely new one. But you have choices and the government is keen to encourage them for you.

In 2021 new legislation was introduced with the UK government keen to promote their Right to Repair scheme which encourages all of us to enjoy the options of repair over replacement.

What is Right to Repair exactly?

It is pretty much what it says on the tin – it’s about a consumer’s right to repair goods they purchase. Most manufacturers would prefer you to replace your vacuum rather than repair it simply because it maximises their profits. It is far more cost effective and better for the environment for you, the consumer, to repair your existing vacuum rather than spending hundreds of pounds needlessly replacing it.

If we all choose to fix and not replace then it will be better for the environment, our pockets and our conscience and of course, the future of our planet. So, if something goes wrong with your vacuum cleaner and you’re thinking about throwing it away or trying to get the manufacturer to help and are hitting brick walls, then give us a call.

Many of the vacuum cleaner brands no longer have repair teams out on the road, they’d rather you buy new and make them more money. You don’t have to do that though if you live in Kent, Surrey, Sussex or SE London, you can give us a call instead. PHC has been servicing and repairing vacuum cleaners in South East England for more than 33 years and we have 75,000 customers who’ve enjoyed that service so far.

Servicing and repairing vacuum cleaners? Yes, it’s definitely a thing.

For those of you already enjoying our PHC vacuum repair service, we’ve started a new ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme. Tell a friend about our service and as soon as they sign up then you and your pal can both enjoy coffee on us! Find out more