How to clean Rugs and thick Carpets

Many people have rugs and thick carpets in their homes to add to their comfort and create a homely atmosphere.

However, rugs and thick carpets need to be cleaned regularly – a task that can prove quite tricky, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

However, the following information regarding the correct way to clean rugs and thick carpets, will help you to keep your floor coverings clean, and looking beautiful all through the year!

How to get your rugs and thick carpets looking like new

Rugs – the cleaning procedure for rugs is a little different since they can be moved easily. You can remove the dust and debris by beating the rug, or giving it a few shakes, or you can use a powerful vacuum cleaner to run over the rug a few times, which will do a good job of getting rid of the dust and dirt lodged deep inside the pile.

Although carpet shampoos are effective at cleaning thick rugs, it’s a good idea to test the shampoo on a small area first to make sure that it won’t damage or cause the rug to become discoloured.

Rugs made from wool need to be treated a little differently – a gentle approach, preferably, such as using a blend of cold water and non-bio laundry soap and dabbing it onto the pile of the rug to loosen the dirt and dust trapped inside.

If the weather is dry and you have a clean area to lay your rug down, then it is perfectly okay to clean your rugs outside. In the warmer months, you can let your rugs air dry outside, which will speed things up significantly, and have them looking as good as new again!

Thick carpets – unlike rugs, thick carpets are not easy to move around, and the procedure to get them clean again is totally different. An alternative approach is required, and you could face a few challenges along the way.

Being large, thick carpets encounter plenty of traffic, both human and animal if you have pets, as well as the furniture that stands on them. In a busy home, carpets are usually full of debris, dirt, dust, pet and human hair, and many other things that can affect the cleanliness of your carpet. The way in which thick carpets are designed makes them more susceptible to collecting and holding dust and dirt deep inside their pile.

A powerful and effective approach is to steam-clean thick carpets, a process that gets deep inside the carpet fibres to shift dust and debris and help to get rid of deep-lying dirt that has been ground into the bottom of the pile.

Thick carpets that are stained, need a different cleaning approach. Stains are usually problematic and can spoil the look of the carpet as soon as they occur. The priority with carpet stains is finding an appropriate solution. A mixture of vinegar and baking soda can help to get rid of carpet stains. Applying the mixture and leaving it on the carpet for a few hours before cleaning it off, should help a lot in getting rid of the stain.

Different stains usually require different solutions, so make sure to do some research first, to find the one that will work best for you. There are products on the market designed especially for carpet stains, that, when applied, start working on stains and dirt build-up automatically!

Benefits of hiring professionals to clean your rugs and carpets on a regular basis

There are several great benefits to calling in the experts to keep your rugs and carpets clean, and these include:

  • They will last longer and look as good as new all the time
  • Professionals have all the know-how to do the job quickly and properly
  • Professionals will eliminate high traffic lanes on your carpets
  • Your home will look and feel clean
  • Gets rid of mustiness and odours

If necessary, the company will steam clean your carpets correctly and safely.

A company of professionals will have all the correct equipment to clean your rugs and carpets, which will save you plenty of time, energy, and money, in the long run

In conclusion

Read the warranty that you got from the place where you bought your rugs and carpets because some Flooring and Carpet Shops include in their warranty, that you have your carpets cleaned by professionals every year or two. If this is a requirement on your warranty, it is a good idea to find a certified company with a good reputation and all the relevant experience. Make sure to ask for a formal receipt from the company, to keep as proof that you have indeed used professionals to clean your rugs and carpets.