Who’d have thought that a vacuum cleaner could be loved by its owner? In fact, not just loved but protected, preserved and admired so much so that the prospect of replacing it with a new one was just not possible.

We think machines in the home are innate objects. Bits of technology or functionality that are necessary but not very interesting. Try and separate an owner from their vacuum cleaner and your thinking will change.

The way the cord unfurls, how much they weigh, how easy they are to manoeuvre in small spaces, if they collect dust from those tricky corners, the flow rate, the amount of noise they make, how often you have to empty them, how easy they are to clean and so it goes on.

Suggest to a loyal Dyson, Miele, Kirby, G-Tech or Oreck owner that they’d like a brand-new different machine and they’ll do pretty much anything to avoid that happening. Instead, it will be repair, service, tend kindly and maintain as the request.

Changing a hoover is much like changing a husband or wife, only once in 20 years, if at all possible, please.

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