Why does my Vacuum Cleaner smell?

Like many other people, you might also notice a bad smell coming from your vacuum cleaner, and it becomes a priority of yours, to get rid of that smell as soon as possible. Even though vacuum cleaners are great for removing dirt and dust from your home, it is necessary to maintain them properly to keep them doing an efficient cleaning job.

Dirt accumulates over time, and if not removed regularly, it results in an unpleasant odour coming from your cleaner while you are using it. So, what exactly causes a vacuum cleaner to smell bad?

Following are the four main causes why there are foul smells coming from your vacuum cleaner:

1, The accumulation of mould – mould grows in warm, damp places, so if you vacuum a wet carpet, these mould particles could collect in your vacuum cleaner bag. Failure to remove these mould particles will eventually lead to a bad smell emanating from the cleaner.

2, Pet hair, dander, and urine – if you have a cat or dog, they could very well be the cause of that bad smell in your vacuum cleaner. Their hair and dander are smelly even before you vacuum them up off your floors and carpets so that odour stays inside your device after you’ve finished vacuuming. Pet urine too, can increase that odour significantly. Even though you probably won’t vacuum the urine up directly, it can stick to the dust and pet hair on your floors and carpets. Once it gets vacuumed up, it is the perfect recipe for that stinky, musty smell coming from your cleaner.

3, Excessive dust – when vacuuming, you’re never only picking up dust, but other debris too, such as used coffee grinds, food, hair, and so forth, all of which will add to that bad smell. If you allow too much dust and debris to accumulate in your cleaner, it will eventually cause your device to not work effectively anymore.

4, The belt is burnt – check that the belt of your cleaner isn’t burnt. It is made of rubber and as it rotates, it allows the brush to roll across the surface, collecting hair and other dust on the way. The brushes of the device should be cleaned on a regular basis. If not, hair and other particles will become stuck inside the bristles and prevent the brush from rotating properly, thus damaging the rubber belt, or causing it to get caught on the brush. Make sure that the cleaner is unplugged when cleaning brushes or undertaking any other vacuum maintenance.

An easily noticeable, burning rubber odour is produced if the belt is stretched or overworked.

How can I get rid of the bad smells in my vacuum cleaner?

The easiest and most effective ways of removing those bad smells from your cleaner include:

1. Check the bag or bin – replace the bag if necessary, and if a bin, wash thoroughly with soap and hot water.
2. Clean or replace filters – rinse filters under cold water, until the water runs clear and allow to air dry for 24 hours. If not washable, replace the filters at least once a year.
3. Check the brushes – the brushes should be cleaned about once or twice a year at least. Make sure that the cleaner is unplugged when seeing to the brushes.
4. Wash the hose – dust and dirt particles get stuck in the hose and decay over time, causing your vacuum to smell.

Clean the hose as follows:

• Detach the hose and use a broom handle to remove any blockages.
• Put some hot water in your bath, to which 1 tablespoon of dish soap and 2 tablespoons of bleach have been added.
• Move the hose around in the water to make sure that the water gets to its entire length.
• Empty the hot water from the bath and let the water from the tap run through the hose to rinse it thoroughly.
• Hang the hose over a shower rail for 24 to 48 to dry out properly before using it again.

In conclusion
Although the above tips are great if you want to get rid of those bad smells on your own, it is always best to have your vacuum cleaner serviced by a company of professionals. They know exactly what to do, so the job will be done quickly and efficiently and will prevent problems that will undoubtedly result in unnecessary, expensive repairs.